Spine and Muscuskeletal Medicine

Stepping with Fitness Trackers

Knowledge is power. Knowing what to do with regard to physical fitness is the first step in achieving our goals. So let us take a step in the right direction.  It has been said that the average person takes about 2000 steps to complete a mile (1.6km). One school of thought that originated from a Japanese pedometer manufacture in the 1960s is that one should accumulate at least 10000 steps per day .1 This means you would have to hop, step, walk, jog or run approximately 5 miles (8km) every 24hrs. Continue reading

Matters of the Heart

Take a second to feel your pulse. Actually, take 60 seconds. Your pulse is a direct measure of your heart’s rate which is how many times it beats every minute.  Do this with me: with one palm facing the sky take 2 fingers of the other hand and place them on the outer part of your arm (thumb side) just before you wrist crease and feel your heart beat.  DUB, DUB, DUB. Appreciate the organ that pumps blood to the rest of your body and how many times it beats. Before we discuss the topics that I know are on your minds such as fitness trackers,  nutritional supplements, weight management, injury prevention and much more,  let us get to the heart of the matter. Continue reading

Prescription for Fitness

My name is Ibi and I am a physician who focuses on improving the function of my patients.  We call ourselves Physiatrist (pronounced physi-a- trist or physi-at rist.) The word physiatrist comes from the Greek word “physis” which means NATURE or in some iterations GROW. So why do I start my blog with some etymology?  Here it is! One of my duties as a physiatrist is in essence to improve the physical nature and growth of the people I serve and add quality to their lives. In this blog I hope to limit the scientific and medical Jargon and have candid and fun discussions that will help us achieve an ALLFIT lifestyle.

So what better way to kick off this wonderful adventure with you than to talk about what fitness really means? Continue reading

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