Hey I’m Dr.  Ibi Oyowe ( Dr. O)   a spine and musculoskletal pain expert . Thanks for stopping by.

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I  have always been am champion for healthy living and fitness. I played basketball and any sport I could get my hands or ‘feet’ on growing up. My passion as a doctor is to take care of those injured while enjoying activities of daily life whether it be gardening , cooking or playing golf with a focus on restoring function. As a University of Pennsylvania trained Spine and musculoskeletal medicine physician I seek to be a leader in my field.

I started my medical education at Georgetown University and there I was taught to care for the whole person and have now come to understand how living an active fit lifestyle not only enriches your body but can uplift your mind and soul. I say ‘started’ because as physician my education never stops. The patients I meet every day teach and motivate me to keep learning. While I strive to get patients fit to work, play and enjoy life I hope to foster a broader ALLFIT nation. That is why I am passionate about allfitmd.com. On my website, I will have some health and fitness information and have ongoing discussions on how we can all achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

To Learn more about my medical practice or schedule appointment  visit :http://www.voa-online.com/dr-oyowe-m-d/


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ALLFIT  missions hopes to take  high quality sports medicine and spine care to undeserved areas around the world.

Live healthy and Happy. Live fit