Dr Oyowe and his team of physicians are dedicated to taking world class sports and spine medicine to sub-Saharan Africa.

As a majority of the  work force shifts to more sedentary jobs ( sitting at a desk ) the incidence of low back pain will continue to rise.

As  people are living longer the incidence of musculoskeletal conditions will continue to rise.

As  people become more active and turn to sports and fitness for leisure the incidence of sports related injuries will continue to rise .

Our goal is to work with our fitness partners such as  #FitNigeria  and  #eliteboxfitness to introduce top quality muscuskeletal care .

Our other goal is to educate Primary care physicians ( General practitioners) to appropriately diagnose and conservatively treat muscuskeletal and spine  conditions . Integral to the training is instructing them on when to refer the right patient to the right surgeon .